Do you really know…?

If you are following a healthy diet, chemical products free and full of flavor you need to know that only the fruit which respects the natural flow of the fruit maturity offers a real flavor.

We really think that the customer needs to know what is buying and only after that, make the decision. It is important to know about the origin of the fruit, handling process, storage… and everything regarding the citrus agriculture.

We care about you

After all these years of experience, we surely know that oranges and tangerines that you  can find at the supermarket have been industrially processed. This process is about applying several chemical products to improve its appearance and mainly its durability.

These chemicals are known to leach into the fruit, and at the same time into us when we eat them.

We do not use any of these products. The only process we apply to our oranges & tangerines MARAVILLA is wiping them with a damp cloth to clean the natural dust of the orange fields.

oranges maravilla
Oranges & tangerines MARAVILLA


Industrial process of supermarket oranges

Usually, the oranges and tangerines you can find at many stores and several websites have been treated through an industrial process which applies chemical elements to the fruit such as Imazalil, Thiabendazole or Ortofenilfenol. All these elements make oranges and tangerines improve their appearance and longevity , but they are also ingested by customer when eaten.

The fruit is collected before it is completely and naturally ripe, when it’s still green. A gas called ethylene is applied for several days in order to remove the chlorophyll and make appear the “natural” orange color they should have if they were ripe. After this process, they get through a drying tunnel at 50ºC where the synthetic wax makes a brighter look and finally all oranges and tangerines are taken in to a 4ºC cold storage.