Virgin extra olive oil

Production: base of the Caroig highlands, Costera region (Valencia)

Color: deep green, clean

Acidity: 0,1%

Smell: intense fruity, bitter green; highlighting green notes from olive wood, artichoke, tomatoes, green plantain bark and freshly cut grass.

Taste:  slightly bitter-tasting, a little bit astringent, moderately spicy, continuous and smooth to the palate.

Pairing: perfect match with any dish, specially salad, desserts, fresh vegetables, fishes, fresh cheese and cottage cheese.

Designation of origin: Protected designation of origin Aceites de la Comunitat Valenciana, seal which certifies the excellent quality of this Extra virgin olive oil.

Prizes and awards:

1st Prize Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Comunitat Valenciana in four consecutive editions of the Utiel City Contest.

It’s considere done of the TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oil according to Evooleum Guide.